Made from wild roaming rocky mountain elk & Deer Meat
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats
Wild Meat Treats


Wild Meat Treats
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Made from 100% all-natural, all-pure wild roaming elk and deer that have been legally and ethically harvested in the Western Rocky Mountains, your pet will love these thick, hearty, protein-rich wild meat jerky treats. The added bone meal from the wild roaming elk and deer provides all-natural minerals, including calcium, that helps improve overall health and digestion. This all-wild protein source can be enjoyed all day, every day and are perfect for training, a daily treat or as a high protein meal topper. Fuel a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle for your pet with nature's purest pet protein. 

No artificial preservatives, no grains and no fillers.

Wild Elk/Deer Meat, Wild Elk/Deer Bone Meal, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Cultured Whey (natural preservative), Molasses, Glycerin, Garlic, Rosemary   

At Mountain Wild, we honor, protect and cherish the natural resource of wildlife. We are committed to eliminating all waste from the meat processing of legally and ethically harvested wild roaming elk and deer and giving back a percentage of our annual revenues to help fund wildlife conservation and anti-poaching initiatives.

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Our Story


For nearly 20 years, we have owned an outfitting company where we manage, maintain and help preserve over one million acres of wild land in the American Rocky Mountains. We strive to be responsible stewards of this precious habitat.

This land is home to wild roaming elk and deer that are able to live natural and wholesome lives in their preferred environment. To maintain a thriving ecosystem, we must hand select and carefully harvest wild game each season. Mountain Wild was created as a way to eliminate waste from the butchering process, which typically ends up in a landfill, and to utilize every part of these amazing animals.   

With dogs having 99.9% of the same genetic makeup as wolves, we have brought dog food back to what dogs were originally designed to eat, nature’s purest protein and mineral source.



Our Alaskan Malamute eats the entire jerky bars full. All 120 lbs of him jumps up and down when I pull out the bag of jerky. These are our go-to snacks for him on the road and at home.

Craig M.

Santa Cruz, CA


My dog absolutely loves her new treats and I don’t feel bad giving them to her. The ability to break them into smaller ones makes them ideal for training treats as well as last a long time. I use them for her on hikes and backpack trips for some healthy extra calories.

Elliot M.

Aptos, CA


We love giving these snacks to all of our dogs, they go crazy for them! It is really great knowing how good it is for them too. We have a subscription, and the dogs go nuts every time the package comes!

Shawna B.

Atlanta, Georgia


Mountain Wild pet treats are my favorite training tool for my dogs! They are easy to tear up and store in my pocket and my dogs love them! The best part is that they are 100% natural, and I know exactly what's in them.

Jesse W.



Mountain Wild is so cool! I love the idea of feeding our dogs the same type of meat wolves eat. That makes sense!

Doug F.

Washington D.C.

Pure Elk & Deer

Mountain Wild treats are packed with protein-rich meat sourced entirely from wild roaming elk and deer.

Added Bone Meal

We add bone meal for added calcium and minerals. Straight from the Rocky Mountains, never heat processed.  

No Grains or Fillers

With minimal ingredients and over 90% meat, you can rest assured there are no grains or nasty fillers in our treats.

Wild and Natural

Our treats are sourced from wild roaming elk and deer that roam our pristine Western Rocky Mountains.