At Mountain Wild, we pride ourselves on delivering not just the healthiest, all-natural, all-wild pet treats, but a promise of purity, sustainability, and direct contribution to wildlife conservation. Here’s how we make a difference with every product we offer:

Pure and Wild-Sourced: All our protein, vitamins, and minerals come from 100% wild roaming elk and deer from the Rocky Mountains—no farms, no fences. We steer clear of artificial preservatives, nasty fillers, and grains. Given that dogs share over 99% of their genetic makeup with wolves, our wild game meat is the perfect high-value reward that dogs naturally thrive on and crave.

Sustainable Practices: We work tirelessly with wild game butchers to prevent the leftover trimmings and bones from legally and ethically harvested wild roaming elk and deer from ending up in landfills. While most of these trimmings and bones are not used for human consumption, they are loaded with nutrients that contribute greatly to your pet’s health.

Environmental Impact: Methane gases from the decomposing biological matter of unused animal carcasses are more than 10 times as damaging as typical landfill waste. By transforming these rich sources of protein, fats, and bones into all-natural, ultra-nutritious pet treats, we prevent hundreds of thousands of pounds of valuable wildlife resources from being wasted and polluting the environment.

Conservation Efforts: A portion of our annual proceeds supports wildlife conservation and anti-poaching initiatives. Every purchase not only provides your dog with nature’s purest nutrition but also contributes to safeguarding wildlife habitats and combating poaching.

With every drool-worthy bite, Mountain Wild promises premium, all-natural, wild-sourced pet nutrition with a commitment to responsible stewardship and conservation of precious wildlife resources. Join us in our mission to nurture not only the healthiest pets but also a healthy environment and thriving wildlife legacy—one treat at a time.