Photo of 3 packs of the Mountain Wild Training Treat Nibs made from wild elk and deer of the Rocky Mountains.

Mountain Wild, a leader in all-natural, wild-sourced dog nutrition, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest purpose-driven product: Mountain Wild Training Treat Nibs. Designed to meet the demand for a specialized, high-performance dog training treat, these nibs are set to redefine training sessions with their unmatched premium protein source, taste, and effectiveness.

Developed in response to countless customer requests for a superior wild protein and specific size training treat for dogs, Mountain Wild's Training Treat Nibs are meticulously crafted to enhance the dog training experience. Their perfect size eliminates the inconvenience of breaking or splitting treats, facilitating a seamless training flow. However, their true distinction is found in their composition.

Ethically harvested from the untamed heart of the Rocky Mountains in the Western United States, the protein in Mountain Wild’s Training Treat Nibs is sourced from wild roaming elk and deer. With dogs sharing over 99% of their DNA with wolves, this premium ingredient—unparalleled in the dog treat market—echoes the natural diet of their ancestors, offering pure, all-natural, and completely wild nutrition. This deep connection to the wild satisfies the primal cravings of dogs, while enhancing their health and vitality.

The significance of this rare protein source extends to its effectiveness as a training reward. Dogs instinctively recognize the high value of these Training Treat Nibs, leading to enhanced focus and motivation during training sessions. Dog owners will immediately appreciate this while also taking comfort in providing their pets with the finest nature has to offer, directly from the pristine wilderness of the Rockies.

Mountain Wild's Training Treat Nibs are more than just a treat; they represent a commitment to responsible wildlife resource management, ethical sourcing, and contributions to wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts. Choosing Mountain Wild means supporting these crucial initiatives while ensuring the health and well-being of your dog.

“We are very excited to introduce our new Training Treat Nibs,” stated Mike Luper, CEO of Mountain Wild. “Designed to transform dog training sessions, this product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to superior, all-natural, wild-sourced pet nutrition, alongside our dedication to responsible stewardship and the conservation of wildlife.”

Mountain Wild’s Training Treat Nibs are free from artificial preservatives, grains, fillers, and are 100% all-natural and all-wild, ensuring that dogs receive nothing but nature’s best. Experience the transformative power of nature's finest ingredients and elevate your dog's training regimen with Mountain Wild's Training Treat Nibs. Available now for those who demand the very best for their four-legged friends.


About Mountain Wild

Mountain Wild is dedicated to providing premium, all-natural, all-wild pet nutrition with a commitment to responsible stewardship and conservation of precious wildlife resources. By choosing Mountain Wild, you ensure your pet's health and vitality while contributing to the preservation of wildlife and the habitats where they roam wild.